100% Natural Product

Akilam Foods is providing sweet products for taste enhancement as well for amazing health benefits. 

Jaggerry Powder : Palm Jaggery

Jaggery Powder is 100% fresh and it prevents constipation, detoxes the liver, it acts as a blood purifier and boosts intestinal health.
• Prevents constipation

• Good source of energy
• Detoxifies the liver
• Blood purifier
• Boosts immunity
• Cleanses the body
• Boosts intestinal health
• Acts as digestive agent
• Good source of energy
• Blood purifier
• Boosts immunity
• Cleanses the body
• Boosts intestinal health

Palm Candy :

Palm Candy known as “Panakarkandu” in Tamil is produced from the sweet “Neera” from Palmyra.
• It is a nutrient rich, Low Glycemic Crystalline sweetener; it is completely natural.
• No chemicals used in this preparation.
• It has a number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron& phyto nutrients including zinc and potassium.
• It is a highly rich source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.
• It is rich in iron and helps treat Anemia.
• Palm sugar being low in the GI helps to cure PCOS problem in women.
• Palm sugar is “thermogenic” that it takes more energy for the body to burn it. There by it increases metabolism.
• Palm candies is an all-rounder. Palm candies contain numerous vital nutrients and when consumed them in women's motherhood, it helps the baby to grow well and helps to manage ourselves and babies simultaneously.
• Palm candies when consumed after a meal or along with a meal, it helps and initiates proper digestion.
• Improves Vision -Usages of laptops or desktops and mobiles have drastically increased. This has to lead us poor vision power or decreasing vision power. Vitamins and other vital nutrients in Palm candy cures this issue and ensures good proper vision.
• Cures respiratory issues - Breathing problems have become very common due to pollution and obesity. Palm candy consumed with milk cream helps in solving breathing problems.
• The sugar content in palm sugar is well balanced.
• Palm candy with milk relieves urinary trouble, urinary tract infection and heat. Palm candy in warm milk with pepper and turmeric powder acts as a goody remedy for sore throat and ear pain.
• Palm candy with water quenches thirst.

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