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Cold Pressed Oils are extracted in a traditional way using Chekku mill.

The oils obtained using modern steel press or traditional way by pressing fruits or seeds results in retaining all their flavour, aroma and its nutritional value beneficial in many ways either medically or traditional ways for maintaining body health and beauty. 

The method of processing cold pressed oil has many benefits and it’s in practice from ancient times by our ancestors.

Cold pressed retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Antioxidants help combat free radicals that cause cell damage in the body. Most cold pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. If it is compared to refined oil, refined oils do the opposite. It aggravates inflammation, resulting in high blood pressure, causes insulin imbalance in the body and much more.

Hence two distinct methods of production - cold pressed and hot pressed end up becoming completely different finished products which are just opposite in results.

Why give preference to Cold Pressed Oil over Hot Pressed Oil ?


1.    Production method of cold pressed oil:

  • In cold pressing, oil is extracted at room temperature, at around 27 degrees centigrade, and the acid value is relatively low, so oil products are obtained after precipitation and filtration. This means that there is no need for any refinement.

    Whereas in hot pressing, oils are extracted at high temperatures where acid value rises significantly resulting in loss of its nutritional value after which they are refined to make fit for consumption. Hence it is thereby recommended to prefer cold pressed oil.

1.    Yield and cooking process 

  • Cold Pressed Oil yield is 35% of the total oil content where hot pressed oil yield is 37% of the total oil content but it may result in foam formation while cooking compared to cold pressed oil. Cold pressed oil does not result in any foam while cooking.

1.    Composition

  • Hot pressed oil retains little of its natural composition due to high temperatures, also chemical structure of oil is changed, a lot of important substances like vitamin E, sterols, and carotenoids are also lost. Cold pressed oil retains most of its natural physiological and chemical properties and most importantly its original taste. 


    Obviously we have a winner here. Cold pressed oils are far better than hot pressed refined oils in terms of health and long term benefits. Hot pressed oils undergo oxidisation, which can cause complications like cancer and inflammation. Moreover, a lot of healthy compounds are lost from the oils while hot pressing, whereas in cold pressing, all beneficial compounds are retained.


  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Castor Oil
  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Mustard Oil
  • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

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Cold Pressed Oils

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