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When it comes to snack time, nothing beats a fresh, homemade, ready to eat and healthy snack. We are providing spiced puffed rice as a healthy and light snack.

Puffed rice is a type of puffed grain made from rice, commonly used in breakfast cereal or snack foods. Puffed rice also known as kurmura, murmura, muri in hindi are very lightweight and crisp. It can be mixed with many other ingredients to make a delicious snack that can be taken anytime. It is usually made by heating rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of steam, though the method of manufacture varies widely.  Feel hungry between meals then have puffed rice without spoiling your appetite for the main meal. 



·        One can eat puffed rice without being worried about weight gain as it digests very fast.

·        They are light, crunchy and very easy to digest.


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